Monthly Archives: November 2011

PR is for PRegnancy


So there’s really no educational value to this blog.  I’m simply unloading details of my life for the sake of it…

I found out about 3 weeks ago that I’m pregnant! And while everyone on the homefront is thrilled about it, I recently got hit hard by the reality of pregnancy.  That is: nausea, tender bosom bits, and sheer and utter exhaustion. So my daily routine of mom duties, gym trips, errand-running, and piles of homework have now become huge challenges. I can’t make it through a couple hours at the computer working on my impending 12-page paper without the need for a nap. And the gym or going for a run? Forget about it.

Registration for spring semester is this week, and I have ambitiously (mentally) signed myself up for 19 credit hours– the most I’ve ever taken in one semester is 15– all in the hope that there is some inkling of hope I can still manage to have a baby in June and still be able to graduate by December of 2012.  I feel I may be biting off more than I can chew…and I can chew a LOT.

Which leads to me to a frustrating conclusion (albeit one which I did consider before deciding to get knocked up):

How is a woman supposed to have it all, do it all, be everything? I knew I needed to finish school, so I have been hell-bent on getting it done; but having a child with my fiance (his only biological one) is also paramount. And on the cusp of my 35th birthday, the baby sitch needed to happen sooner than later. But let’s be honest: even if I waited until after I graduated, I’d still have all the hurdles I have now, on top of the added pressure of finally nabbing that dream job. And how would my employers feel about their newest team member asking for maternity leave so soon into gaining employment? And how and with whom could I entrust a brand new baby when I’m working full time?

I have to believe that everything is going to work out exactly as it was meant to. I know that wherever I end up career-wise, I will be an asset. But I want to be a wonderful wife and mother too. I’m sure there’s a balance…now how to find it.


Surviving PR SOTY competition


Preparing for the PR Student of the Year competition was one of the most exciting and exhausting challenges I’ve had in the past two years I’ve spent at Weber. The competition itself was so daunting I almost wished I was out running my half marathon instead.  Yet here I sit, under a giant cloud of accomplishment.  My first emotion upon completion of the events on Saturday was pure, unadulterated relief.  Today: pride.

It’s not unlike the first time I crossed a marathon finish line; the feeling of having just done something I’d never considered, an impossibility.  In my mind I could trace the agony of every mile until the final moment of achievement.  That’s the culmination of my feelings on Saturday.  I looked back on my hard work and saw the end result and thought to myself, “I just did that.”

I didn’t realize at the time when I first decided to run a marathon that I wasn’t simply making a choice to run an insane distance of 26.2 miles: I was crafting the strong woman I’ve become since then.  Little did I know the impact of that one circumstantial decision.  It was a gauntlet thrown and a hurdle overcome.  And ever since, I have stepped up and overcome obstacles I’d never dreamt of.

So while I appreciate textbook learning and classroom lectures and lengthy research papers, nothing else will compare to the fact that I stood up and presented a PR campaign to real people; that I jumped through some major hoops, composing a press release and dealing with reporters.  I did what I want to do “when I grow up.”  And I did it well.

Of course I hope I win.  I want to justify all my hard work and time spent.  I want the recognition and bragging rights.  And of course, scholarship money wouldn’t hurt.  But should I not take away the grand prize, the experience was an invaluable one for which I am so grateful I was a part.  Finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel on this journey, and it is warm and bright.