Monthly Archives: October 2011

The blog about not blogging…


Today’s blog is short and sweet. Why? Not because I think I deserve any special treatment (ok, I kinda do), but I have a PR campaign with which I need to “become One.”  So on that note, this is the extent of my blog.  And hopefully, in a couple weeks, when they announce the winner of the PR SOTY, I will have totally redeemed myself and this: the shortest blog ever written.


COMM blog 5 aka Random Rants


So…for lack of any real idea for subject content, I’m going to take this opportunity to rant, vent, and otherwise empty some contents of my brain.

Random thought 1: Summer of 2010 I took Interpersonal and Small Group Communications with Dr. Susan Hafen.  For some odd reason the other day it dawned on me the impact of this class. You see, the entire premise of the class is to teach us as individuals to work together as harmoniously as possible within small groups (thus the name of the course). But the tricky part, the part that swam through my thoughts recently, was just how messed up some of the assignments are. And it led me to think that a truer name for the course should be something like “What your fellow classmates REALLY think of you, but you’ll never know. But I, your instructor, will.” We had to write papers and assess the others in our groups, but none of us ever knew what the others said about us. Seriously. That is messed up! I bet profs of that class get a KICK out of the power and omniscience!

Random (but really not so random) thought 2: I am so freaking excited to be a finalist for the PR SOTY!! Sometimes it’s as if I’m having an out-of-body experience: I see all these awesome things happening but I can’t believe it’s ME doing it. Kinda like when I run, especially a long run. While I’m in the muck of it I want OUT so badly, but as soon as I’m over that finish line, I’m ready for more. I just know I’ll experience that triumphant sadness and hunger when I finally graduate. In the meantime, it is so rewarding to feel that my hard efforts are paying off, in ways that are actually…visible. On the cusp of my 35th birthday, I can’t help but feel much the same as when I was an eighth grader in Goose Creek, South Carolina. That was my year: I was first chair clarinetist in the state, won a tri-county public speaking competition, and was as popular as a 14-year-old “bando” could ever be. So it’s only taken me 21 years, but I’m back on track! I finally know what I want to be when I grow up, and that makes me damn unstoppable.