Monthly Archives: September 2011

COMM Blog 4


My first ever, official blog.  And I’m so sick I can’t even savor in the deliciousness of that fresh blog feeling…

Last Thursday Prof. Singh presented the “Holy Grail” of this journey I began almost two years ago: the challenge of putting together a bona fide PR campaign for a real entity, along with it a chance at winning a $1000 scholarship and bragging rights at becoming the Utah PR Student of the Year.  I couldn’t believe it.  This isn’t just another assignment where I cram as much (sometimes useless) information into my brain only to regurgitate it on a test.  This is the Real Deal.

I feel exhilirated for a chance to start using what I’ve learned so far; yet completely unprepared.  I frantically began scouring the pages of my textbook in search of answers for my “Aha!” moment.  Instead I found disappointment in what I can only deem as arbitrary fluff.  Under a subheading titled “Approaches to Planning,” the paragraph begins: “Planning is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Research provides the various pieces” (122).  Answers, people!  I need answers!

To further add to my frustration, I discovered what I’m hoping is a typo, that reads: “A media kit, sometimes referred to as a media kit…” (253).  What??  Am I the only person who has a ‘?’ hovering over my head right now?!

So maybe it’s my stomach bug talking, but I’m feeling somewhat deflated.  I wanted to find direct validation that I my ideas are bright and spot on.  Maybe I should do a puzzle instead to see the “big picture.”